Forum #8 - Nina Wakeford with Karl Baker
Forum #8 - Nina Wakeford with Karl Baker

Forum #24 - Dani Smith with Zoë Mendelson

Dani Smith will present excerpts from a collection of d​iary entries detailing her time returning home to Los Banos, a small farming town in central California, for Christmas 2020. Writings that emerged from this time, observe the bending, breaking, and adjusting of her psyche as it reacts to the shape shifting home environment and growing pains of evolving family dynamics.

Forum #23 - Kate Pickering with Holly Corfield Carr

Kate Pickering will share extracts from There is a Miracle in your Mouth, an experimental text formed of several threads: mythic stories of Lakewood (North America’s largest megachurch) within the broader context of American Evangelical climate crisis skepticism; an account of an oncoming hurricane based on research into hurricane Harvey; and lastly, drawing upon the writing and cell of Julian of Norwich, Pickering imagines her body as a building about to be breached by a flood.

Forum #22 - Emma Bolland with Ceri Morgan

Emma Bolland will present Instructions from Light, a hybrid novella / long poem that turns on a translation and ‘writing through’ of Louis Delluc’s impressionist screenplay Le Silence (1920). This work will be considered alongside extracts from texts by Anne Carson and Maria Fusco.

Forum #21 - Rachel Smith with Karenjit Sandhu

Rachel Smith will present some excerpts from a new work which takes an insolent but smitten route through an existing text. The work forms part of the wider development of her read(writ)ing method using drawing, photography, and writing and will be accompanied by reading fragments from Karen Barad, Roland Barthes, and Hélène Cixous.

Forum #20 - Daniela Cascella with Jennifer Hodgson

Daniela (Sheffield Hallam University) will present an excerpt from her ongoing project on Chimeric Writing, along with extracts from Voice of Hearing by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski, Squint Press, 2020 (1984) and Mundus imaginalis or The Imaginary and the Imaginal by Henry Corbin (1972).

Forum #19 - Morag Colquhoun with Professor Julian Henriques

Morag Colquhoun will present some excerpts of new writing exploring sub/versions of rhythm together with extracts from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man (1947) and a passage from Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piranesi by Jennifer Bloomer (1993).

Forum #18 - Katharina Ludwig with Mira Mattar

Artist, writer and PhD researcher Katharina Ludwig will present a text that has taken multiple forms: a performance lecture, artwork, conference “paper”, image description, and extended poem. Written through a poem by anarchist poet Katerina Gogou, the text addresses character study, names, speaking and writing through each other, channelling voices, radical poetry as incantation, and wounded and holey text. It will be read alongside a poem by Sean Bonney. Fiction writer and poet Mira Mattar joins us as respondent.

Forum #17 - Julia Calver with Dr Karen Di Franco

Artist and PhD researcher Julia Calver (Sheffield Hallam University) will present some work in progress which investigates the vocalised distribution of text, practices of transcription, and how accidence (inflectional morphology) can be used to disrupt the material structuring of prose. Curator and writer Dr Karen Di Franco joins us as respondent.

Forum #16 - Debbie Kent with Helen Frosi

Artist and PhD researcher Debbie Kent (Goldsmiths) will present some text that wrestles with the difficulty of describing and communicating the experience of soundscapes. Interdisciplinary artist, curator and producer Helen Frosi joins us as respondent.

Debbie Kent: I work with sound, cities and walking. I’m currently making a set of audio walks tracking transformations in the urban soundscape for a practise-based PhD in the Visual Cultures department. I work with the spontaneous and transient; with disassembling language and retrieving detritus from the cracks in the everyday. In the past I’ve exchanged words from Bruce Springsteen lyrics with members of the public, reassembled news stories using only the conjunctions and articles, and read from the writings of George Perec after putting the pages through a shredder. Recently I have been working in collaboration with Russian artist Alisa Oleva as the Demolition Project, making work that explores ways of reimagining the city and our relationship with it, in London, Berlin, Belgrade, Vilnius, Ekaterinburg and Moscow. –

Forum #15 - Katarina Ranković with Andy Holden

Artist and PhD researcher Katarina Ranković (Goldsmiths) will present an extract from her novel Anomaline, a philosophical romance about a solitary protagonist navigating the vacated vestiges of a cliche literary world, and artist and musician Andy Holden joins us as respondent in discussion.

Forum #14 - Sophie Sleigh-Johnson with Sharon Kivland

Artist and PhD researcher Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (Goldsmiths) will present new writing. Artist and writer Sharon Kivland (Sheffield Hallam University) will act as respondent. The texts are an intersection between prose/ site writing/ chorological investigation. Sophie will present an excerpt of new work on writer and artist Antonin Artaud’s ‘heretical pilgrimage’ to Ireland in 1937, which we will read alongside an excerpt by Tim Robinson, also concerning the same site in Ireland.

Forum #13 - Elly Clarke with Keith Jarrett

This forum will be held on Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst this is not our usual format for a conversation, which is usually informed by a certain kind of co-presence in a room, as Elly’s work explores the digital body we are hoping that this will add a further experiential dimension as we find ourselves transformed into data through zoom. We hope the potential trickiness of communicating in this way will inform the discussion. Artist and PhD researcher Elly Clarke (Goldsmiths) will present new writing. Poet, fiction writer and educator Keith Jarrett (University of London) joins as respondent.

Forum #12 - Caroline Campbell with Diann Bauer

Artist and PhD researcher Caroline Campbell (Goldsmiths) will present new writing entitled Brute Force Attack, and a selected audio track Deltron 3030, by Deltron. Artist, writer and researcher Diann Bauer (Westminster) joins us in discussion.

Forum #11 - Debbie Kent with Peter Ainsworth

Artist and PhD researcher Debbie Kent (Goldsmiths)will present text, sound and video from an audio walk in progress, exploring the landscapes and soundscapes of east London Docklands. Artist and researcher in Visual Cultures Peter Ainsworth (Goldsmiths) joins us in discussion.

Forum #10 - Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh with Marion Coutts

Artist and PhD researcher Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh (Goldsmiths) will present some excerpts of a new text plus selected images, that address issues of post-conflict/ intergenerational trauma in Ireland and carceral conditioning, together with a selected text by Ursula Le Guin - The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction. Artist, writer and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Marion Coutts (Goldsmiths) joins us in discussion.

Forum #9 - Erica Scourti with Georgina Colby

Artist, writer and PhD researcher Erica Scourti (Goldsmiths) will present an excerpt of a recent performance which draws on transcripts of video diaries, alongside a text by author Eleni Stecopoulos on Somatics. Dr. Georgina Colby, Senior Lecturer in English and the Course Leader for the MA in English Literature at the University of Westminster, joins us in discussion.

Forum #8 - Nina Wakeford with Karl Baker

Artist and sociologist Nina Wakeford presents a new, live performance, plus accompanying writing The Historic Trackwalk and We will bolt the jigs to the rail. Alongside Nina selects an excerpt from The Hundreds by Kathleen Stewart and Lauren Berlant, and writer and philosopher Karl Baker joins us in leading the discussion.

Forum #7 - Dominique Baron-Bonarjee with Martin Hargreaves

Artist and PhD researcher Dominique Baron-Bonarjee (Goldsmiths) presents new writing entitled In order to withstand the weather, we become liquid, alongside an excerpt from Inner Material/Material by choreographer and founder of Butoh Hijikata Tatsumi, and dramaturg, writer, performer, and academic Martin Hargreaves (London Contemporary Dance School) joins us in discussion.

Forum #6 - Laura Burns with Johanna Linsley

Laura Burns, artist and PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, presents new prose/ poetry entitled Ceremony alongside an excerpt from Ban en Banlieue by poet Bhanu Kapil, and Johanna Linsley (researcher, performer and writer, University of Roehampton) joins us in discussion.

Forum #5 - Guilia Damiani with Kristen Kreider

Writer and PhD researcher Guilia Damiani (Goldsmiths) presents new writing entitled As Enchentes Entre Os Incêndios (trans. the water rivulets among the fire) alongside an excerpt from *The Passion According to GH by writer Clarice Lispector, and artist, writer and Professor of Fine Art Kristen Kreider joins us in discussion.

Forum #4 - Sophie Sleigh-Johnson

Artist and PhD researcher Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (Goldsmiths) presents new prose alongside an excerpt from The Baphomet by Pierre Klossowski and Abstract by William S. Boroughs.

Forum #3 - Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh

Artist and PhD researcher Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh (Goldsmiths) presents new writing in the form of a prose work entitled Fish, together with a script entitled Choreographing death and The Indian Meal - A Proposal for a theatre piece, and a poem entitled Clay Sausages.

Forum #2 - Kate Pickering

Artist and PhD researcher Kate Pickering (Goldsmiths) presents the script of a recent performance piece entitled Cell alongside Cell: an introduction to a Response by poet, writer and researcher Holly Corfield Carr (University of Cambridge).

Forum #1 - Rowena Harris

Artist and PhD researcher Rowena Harris (Goldsmiths) presents a short creative text entitled How to be Slow together with Thinking Impossibly (a guide) - a publication which formed part of an installation at her recent exhibition, and presents for discussion the title chapter from author Dodie Bellamy’s book When the Sick Rule the World.